The 35th Legislative District Democrats’ goal is to get good Democratic candidates elected to local office. That takes money, some of which our membership dues provide. We also want to educate and organize in the county to help citizens become knowledgeable about important local issues. That takes money, too.

This nominal membership fee will help us safeguard campaign funds raised through events such as our concert production in 2015, our annual picnic and others, so that those funds can be used more for campaigns and less to pay for the costs of running the organization.

Become an Annual Member – $25

We accept members throughout the year.


Become a member of the 35th Legislative District Democrats.  You will have the opportunity to become personally involved in work that is important to you.

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I declare that I am a Democrat, I wish to be known as a Democrat, I support the Party, and I knowingly assume all of the responsibilities and rights afforded to me as a member of the the 35th Legislative District Democrats.

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