Get Ready for 2024’s Very Important Elections!

 ~ Please don’t sign any petitions through March 2024 ~
(See below)


Upcoming meetings in 2024:

February 15, 2024:  35th LD Dems Executive Board meeting

March 21, 2024:  35th LD Dems Executive Board meeting

March 26, 2024:  LD Dems Central Committee (General Membership) meeting


Dear Democrats,

Washington’s wealthiest MAGA donors have teamed up with the state Republican Party and Tim Eyman to launch an insidious slate of regressive initiatives.

Their initiatives would cut taxes for the ultra wealthy and let our biggest polluters off the hook. They would cut nearly $900 million from public schools and child care, while increasing Big Oil profits and rolling back our investments in clean energy. They would also repeal Washingtons capital gains tax, defund long term care for seniors, and more.

There’s 3 simple things you can do to help stop these initiatives now:
1. Don’t sign any initiative in the next three months. The bad ones are the only initiatives out there right now.
2. Make sure your friends and family members don’t sign them.
3. Report any signature gatherers you see for these initiatives to this hotline run by our partners: (425) 553-2157.

Don’t be fooled. The petitioners are paid by the signature and will often lie shamelessly about what the initiatives do to get you to sign them.

These “Backwards Washington” initiatives are an extreme Republican agenda aimed directly at our kids and their schools, working families trying to afford childcare, seniors who benefit from long-term care, and clean energy solutions that tackle the growing climate crisis.

Here’s the initiatives and what they do:

I-2109: Repeals Washington’s capital gains tax on the top 0.2%, defunding early learning and education programs.

I-117: Ends Washington’s program to fund clean energy and fight climate change by making polluters pay and repeals the Climate Commitment Act.

I-2124: Repeals long-term care coverage for working Washingtonians.

I-2113: Repeals best practice safety standards for dangerous high speed chases.

I-2081: A confusing mishmash of existing laws designed to entice parents into signing the other initiatives while doing nothing for kids and schools.

I-2111: Ensures that Washington’s wealthiest 1% won’t contribute to our communities by banning progressive income taxes at the city, county, and state levels.