Precinct Committee Officers

What is A PCO?

PCOs, or precinct committee officers, are the building block of the Democratic Party. They are the grassroots organizing base for all of our activities.

PCOs are elected officials of the Democratic Party; they are the Democratic representative for their precinct. A precinct can be as small as a section of a neighborhood or as large as a historical township, but precincts usually contain 200-800 registered voters.

To become a PCO, you must be voted into office during the Primary Election in even-numbered election years. The next election of PCOs will be held on 2018.

PCOs are essential to Party work, because they personally communicate the Democratic Party message to people in each neighborhood across the state. PCOs also are responsible for electing the leadership of their local Democratic County and Legislative District organizations, as well as representatives to the state Democratic Party.

Leading their Precinct Caucus every two years is another important role of PCOs.

To find out more information:  Washington State Democrats website